The Warning

WARNING! Something heavy is going down. Watch out! A change is gonna come. Something’s gonna upset the applecart. Those who’ve been ignoring the call to turn around, those who’ve ignored the yellow, amber and even the red alerts are going to face the fire. Those who thought the time to account for their sinful ways would never come must now suffer the consequences of their hardness of heart.

En Garde!

In sync with the message of Advent, this week’s readings are urging us to get ready. That process involves a change of attire: we don the armour of light, and in so doing, we ready ourselves for battle. Effectively, we are receiving a rallying cry. Armour is about protection; armour is also about battle. But why are we protecting ourselves?


Friends, wouldn’t you love to hear these words, ‘Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in Paradise’? Would you not love to hear those words after you’ve confessed to Christ all the wrong things that you have done, as you surrender to Christ, as you give your life to Christ, as you entrust everything that you are to Christ? I should think in hearing those words, notwithstanding the circumstances under which they were uttered, I would have new life breathed into me.


Friends, the will of God is that all humanity will be reconciled to God. Expressed another way, the will of God is that we will all walk in purpose. For that, we must endure difficulty. For that we must endure trials; for that we must persevere against the most brutal of circumstances.


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