Reverent Submission

‘The only way to learn patience is slowly.’

The words slipped out of my mouth so easily…

I was left speechless for seconds afterwards pondering the truth of those words. What a paradox it would be otherwise, right? Who’s ever heard of growing quickly in patience?

What is patience? The etymology of the word ‘patience’ shows its Latin root, patientia which means to suffer. When you think about it, suffering can only be called such if it entails a wait. Suffering can only be called such if we must yield to reverent and calm submission in the process. Patience can only grow through suffering. Patience can only mature when we endure the wait quietly and steadfastly.

So, be patient.

Last week, I asked, ‘Are we there yet?‘ This week I say, reverently submit. Reverently submit to the wait. Allow the suffering to build your endurance so that you may be ‘mature and complete, lacking in nothing’. (James 1:4)

What is the wait of which I speak? Well, none other than the wait through the pandemic, and the discommoding that it has imposed upon us all.

Recently in conversation with my family, my brother surmised that the pandemic would be ‘ever present but managed’. Again I was riveted, now by the truth of these other words…’ever present but managed’. I ask you this, though: ‘Who or what is being managed?’ In an environment in which there are curfews, our ability to circulate in large groups is limited, the duration of public gatherings is controlled, we have to wear masks in public, we must wash our hands or sanitise before we enter an establishment, we can’t embrace those who are not members of our household, I ask again, who or what is being controlled? Let me give you a hint: ‘It’s more a question of who is being controlled.

So, be patient.

Be patient, yes, for that’s the only way we grow in endurance. Trust that there is a purpose to all of this. The less energy we invest in bemoaning the ‘managing’, the more energy we have to capture the learnings.

So, be patient.

Be patient for the race is never for the swiftest. Be patient for we are promised joy in the morning. Be patient, because we have no choice. Be patient…wait.

I always say, there’s a reason that wait and weight are homophones. The weight of the wait is meant to increase our endurance. So, be patient. Submit reverently to the process through which we are passing. It really hasn’t been that long, has it? How old are you? We’ve been in this space now for just over 18 months. Is 18 months that long given your years? So, be patient. Reverently submit. Enjoy the learning…we will have much to tell.

Let me leave you with these words as you build in endurance:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can

And wisdom to know the difference.

A few weeks ago, I was recruiting for those with the WISDOM traits, and then I encouraged you to Let Wisdom be Your Guide. Hmm…coincidence? I’ll leave you to ponder.

Until next time: love, peace and joy.

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