We’re hiring!

Want to be part of a dynamic team? Yes! You heard right! I’m hiring. I need help on this freedom road. The attributes of the successful candidates are straightforward enough. Let me list them for you:

Willing: Yes, they must be willing. I’m not in the business of forced labour. Candidates must apply of their own free will. No one must feel forced to apply. What’s my sales pitch? What’s my reputation? Well, we’re journeying towards freedom and that’s always attractive, wouldn’t you say? Why, there’s truth this way. There’s growth this way. In an environment of stagnation, isolation, distancing and the like, wouldn’t you like to encounter some truth and growth in what you do?

Inspiring: The successful candidates must encourage others towards good deeds through their own deeds and their words. Call it, leading by example. What’s more, who can build anything, least of all, a road to take us anywhere meaningful, if our words and our actions don’t inspire others towards great things? So, yes, candidates must be inspiring.

Simplicity: That’s right…simplicity. Simplicity, not as in simple minds, but as in a desire for the unencumbered and uncomplicated. You see, the complicated, the difficult, the unnecessary serve as distractions and keep us from our mission – to build the road and to work with each other in community. So, yes, I’m looking for a tendency towards simplicity in all of the candidates.

Diligent: Building takes cojones, it takes courage and it takes guts. Therefore, what I need are diligent individuals – persons who are not afraid to put in the hard work. I don’t mean at the expense of everything else, now. No, we have enough of that going around these days. I mean diligence that leads to perseverance. I mean diligence of the one who would not put his hand to the plough and look back. That’s the kind of diligence I’m talking about.

Objective: In this community, there’s no space for petty biases. In fact, there’s no space for biases period. I’m looking for persons with an open mind – those who will receive others on the basis of their merit and not on the basis of what makes the self comfortable. I seek persons who are impartial. I seek persons who are objective.

Modesty: After all of this, the final attribute is that you must be modest. You must be humble. The journey we are on is not about building ego. It’s about helping one another towards their goals in the community. There’s no space for hubris, for ego and for the self here.

Does this sound like a tall order? Well, let me make it even simpler for you: all you need to be is willing and humble; together, we will do the rest.

Oh, and if you haven’t recognised it by now, on this journey of freedom, all of these qualities make for WISDOM.

Friends, if you’re up to the challenge, I’m recruiting!

Until the next time, love, peace and joy.

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