How was your day?

Ahhhh…the day is winding down to a crawl, the temperatures are changing and we’re beginning to change into night mode. Heck, even our devices have switched to night mode!

What did you win today? What did you reap today? Do you feel accomplished? Did you accomplish everything that was on your to-do list today? Were you able to submit that proposal that you’d been struggling with? What did you achieve today?

Typically, this is how we measure our success, right? We stack up our wins next to those of others and whoseever is taller is the winner. But, what about what we’ve given to others? What about the time to say ‘Good morning’ as we passed the street-side vendor yet again? What about the time to explain something to the colleague who’d sought our help? What about offering a word of inspiration to the friend who’s down on his/her luck? How about that call to that friend just because?

So, as we wind our way down to the end of the day, I ask again: ‘How was your day?’ Did you reap, or did you sow? Did you reap more than you sowed? Or did you sow way more than you reaped?

Sometimes, the joy in life isn’t what we get, but what we give. We still have some time left to this day, but tomorrow, is another opportunity…set out not to tire in doing good for you will soon enough reap the reward. Or, as Robert Louis Stevenson said, ‘Don’t judge the day by the harvest that you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.’

New year, new you, new season.

Happy planting!

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