Learn your A B C

  • A as in apple
  • B as in bat
  • C as in Cat

This is how we begin to learn our ABC.

When it comes to personal makeovers, though, the process of re-doing you – of shaping and hewing you (i.e. increasing your human effectiveness at work) – where do we start?

In speaking with many who’ve made the leap of faith into finding self, into hewing themselves into who they were made to be, I say that it does start, with a burning desire for more, recognising that your current environment or endeavours are holding you back from an indisputable sense of fulfilment.

When you do launch out, though, where do you begin? 

This was the question that I asked myself when I launched out into the unknown or the deep, when I allayed that fear of the unknown – call it what you will – in October of 2019. I declare that I did not have it figured out when I left my job, but I knew that I had to. I did know that I needed time to concentrate, and, so, that was what I set out to do…to be still so that I could concentrate.

Photo by Oziel Gu00f3mez on Pexels.com

I decided to get myself in order. The question was how. I started at the beginning, I simplified my life, I went back to the beginning. I had to establish the flow of my life, hence ABC.

  • ALLAY – I had to allay my fear of stepping into the unknown.
  • BE STILL – Next I had to be still – simplify my commitments – time, relationships, and my schedule.
  • CONCENTRATE – I had to listen: through prayer and much reflection/meditation, I listened for the direction into which I was being called.

This process is a continuous one. You don’t figure it out all at once. Just like it takes several sittings for a child to learn his/her ABC, so too, does it take us several sittings to learn ours.

What is key to this process is patience – with oneself and with the process. So, if you have the time and the drive, I’ve got the desire and the passion. I’ll hold your hand. I’ll help you learn your ABC.

Allay your fears

Be Still


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