This is me

I am a woman fulfilling her purpose.

My background includes Human Resource Management and Languages.

I see life from many angles. I’ve worked with the creatives, as well as with the technical types, and, while, their approaches to getting the job done varies, there’s one thing that makes humans click: a passion.

Passion is like a fire that can rage or that can flicker. It never dies. We sometimes believe that it has. That’s where the work you do comes into play. Is your work igniting or smothering your passion? That’s where I come in. Helping you figure it out.

Professionally, you already know who I am.

Personally, I’m the mother of triplets (2 girls; 1 boy). Mothering them has helped to shape me into who I am.

I’m passionate about my faith. I’ve learnt to walk by faith and not by sight. My faith defines me. In doing my own ABC, I’ve learnt that faith always precedes fear.

What I do now merges my passion and my profession, allowing me to fulfil my purpose. I now help others onto their path of purpose through coaching. I enjoy seeing others fulfilled and in helping them on their journey, I teach my children an important lesson of faith above fear. After all, I couldn’t teach it to them, if I hadn’t done it myself.

Now you know who I am, what I do and why I do what I do.

Now, let’s HEW you.